An anxiety attack is one of the most terrifying physical events that you can go through emotionally and physically. Not only is your mind spinning out of control with confusion, disorientation, or fear, but your body is responding with an elevated heart rate, a tightness in your chest, tingling in your extremities or countless other symptoms. There are many causes of anxiety disorders including serious cardiovascular medical conditions and hormonal imbalances. Anxiety and panic disorders caused by chronic medical conditions often cease after the medical condition has been cured. However, for anxiety caused by stress, fear, traumatic events or phobias, in traditional medicine, the symptoms are treated, but the causes of anxiety are not cured.


Our sub-conscious is filled with events of our lives that may include traumatic events, fear, grief and other things we have not dealt with and stored there for “safe keeping”. In many cases, these unrealized fears living in our minds can cause anxiety disorders including panic attacks. Some people have no idea what is causing their attacks, a hypnotherapist helps guide them through the corners of their mind and opens these channels so what is living there can be dealt with. Hypnosis is an effective treatment and cure for anxiety and its symptoms by getting through to the root of the evils lurking in our minds that is causing the anxiousness and fear to manifest.


For over 5000 years acupuncture has been used to treat everything from arthritis, thyroid problems, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Acupuncture has been found to create a mind-body connection that encourages both the mind and body to heal. Anxiety is both a physical and mental affliction, affecting tens of million of people each year. Holistic approaches including acupuncture, supplements, and hypnosis are safe and effective cures for anxiety.

Herbal Supplements

In a recent report published in the Nutrition Journal, researchers at the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation found that some herbal supplements are safe and effective for the treatment of anxiety. The report showed that passionflower, kava and other some other herbal supplements, have natural calming properties. Both liquid extracts and capsules were found to be equally as effective. L-Lysine and L-arginine, two key amino acids produced in our bodies are believed to have good effects in the treatment of anxiety. Valerian root and St. John’s Wort have long been heralded as cures for the management of anxiety.

Stress Management

In some cases, anxiety attacks are caused by our inability to handle stresses, big or small. Life changing events including the death of loved ones, diagnosis of a life-threatening disease, divorce, a move, or a significant change in a person’s financial health are natural stresses that everyone deals with at some point in their lives. Coping and stress management techniques that have been shown to help include regular exercise, a healthy diet and meditation. Additionally, hypnosis and acupuncture as a regular part of a stress management routine can help individuals handle stress before it becomes chronic.

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